The One About Caffeine
September 28, 2006

It turns out that I am not a morning person. Up until a few weeks ago, I would have told you that, yes! I am a morning person! I wake up before 7:30 almost every day! On weekends even! And while this is all true, the fact remains that I am positively grumpy for at least the first half hour I'm awake. So grumpy that I can't really form words. I think I may have growled at the boyfriend the other morning.

My discovery of this has coincided with the fact that I decided I would try to stop drinking coffee in the morning.

Sometimes, I am really dumb.

Two years ago, my mornings were completely caffeine free. No tea, no coffee. Nothin'. And then I started dating the boyfriend, who was surprised that I had no caffeine in the morning. I didn't even have a working coffee maker! The horror! So he brought over some tea. Around the holidays my coffee guru, Chris, sent me some lovely whole bean coffee. I could tell before even opening the package that it was divine. So I brought home a french press. This is how it started.

It's not like I drink five cups a day. I have a cup in the morning (and sometimes I don't even finish it), and sometimes I have a Diet Coke with lunch. That's the extent of my caffeine intake. For the past month, I've given up the morning cup of coffee, and I've been brining my lunch more often (no Diet Coke). I've felt MISERABLE.

I know, it's probably not just the caffeine. But a couple of Fridays ago, I couldn't take it, and I went to the vending machine where the real caffeine is. That's right. Diet Mountain Dew. I got half way through that can and I felt so much BETTER.

I had told myself that it would be better for my health to give up the caffeine, and that's probably true. But there's something to be said for mental stability, and being able to form coherent sentences shortly after I wake up.

Bring on the coffee, my friends, bring it on.



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