"They Don't Love You Like I Love You"
October 01, 2006

There are particular memories I have from a trip to Austin two and half years ago. They mostly involve trying to navigate unfamilar territory by myself and frquently getting lost, all while driving a rental car that threatened to overheat after about 45 minutes on the road. The other thing I remember about this particular trip was that the only cd I listened to the whole time was Fever to Tell by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I think singing along at the top of my lungs helped ease the pain from trying to make heads or tails of Austin's freeways and frantically watching the temperature gauge on the dashboard.

Last night, I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs play at the Download Festival. I didn't recognize every song they played, but the tunes from Fever to Tell brought back those memories of Austin. While I was standing there, screaming along at the top of my lungs, it occured to me how appropriate it was to be hearing those songs again. Tomorrow morning I'll be on a plane to Austin yet again. Though, this time I don't plan on getting lost nearly as much. I also don't plan on ever having to use the number for Hertz roadside assistance.

(Knock on wood)



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