October 20, 2006

The first time Cyrus and I met for coffee, we ended up chatting until the place closed. So we walked around the neighborhood and kept talking. I don't even remember how the subject came up, but at one point I asked if he was a vegetarian, and he said, "No, is that a problem?" And I think I replied, "If you didn't eat meat, then we'd have a problem." Immediately after I said it, I thought "Oh crap, that totally sounded like I'm assuming that we're going to be spending much more time together. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. I wonder if he thought it sounded that way! Gah!" Subconsicously, I think I already knew this one was a keeper, but I hadn't intended on blurting out something that might have scared him off after only a few hours.

I turned out it didn't matter much, because it's been two years and he doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The funny thing about that little exchange we had so many years ago is that we both eat a lot less meat than we used to. We haven't gone totally vegetarian, but you're much more likely to find tofu in our fridge than a t-bone steak. And I'm completely okay with that. It's just one of the things that has made this the healthiest relationship I've ever been in.

So perhaps you're wondering, what does one slightly geeky girl ended up buying her awesome boyfriend for their two year anniversary? One of those little portable flash drives! I know, terribly romantic, but wait, it gets better. It holds...TWO gigs of memory. Because we've been together for TWO years! Ha!

(Yes, I well aware of my dork status. Shuddup.)



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