Because I Am Obviously Crazy
October 24, 2006

Some of you may have noticed the NaBloPoMo banner on the left. This means that I will be posting every day for the month of November. This also means that I am quite possibly crazy.

Lately it seems that I am on a rigorous blog posting schedule of "write something every 5 days". So naturally, attempting to write something EVERY DAY should be no problem at all. I can totally do this. No problem. Yesiree. Absolutely. Can. Do. This.


But seriously, I have a plan. For lack of anything else, I may chronicle all the shoes I own. Perhaps with photos and information about how I acquired all my shoes and why each pair had to come home with me. I figure that should give me something to write about for at least 30 days. I'm hoping that if I make it through Novemeber, it'll help me kick this "post every 5 days" thing, because even I'm annoyed by it.



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