All Hallows Eve
October 29, 2006

The Hallowe'en costume I remember best was the bee costume my parents made for me in preschool. They bent a wire hanger and put white nylon over it for wings. I wore black tights, and a black leotard. There was a small piece of velcro on the nether region, for the removable stinger. Over the leotard, I wore a yellow shirt (Dad took a Sharpie to it to add the stripes). To top it all off, there was a little cap with pipe cleaner antennae. I've been bugging (pun not intended) my mom to dig up a photo of this particular costume so I could show you, but she hasn't found it yet. However, I do have some more recent photos for you:

- Me and the Little Brother, Halloween 1984
- A half-assed photo of my half-assed costume this year (I was a pixie)
- S and C, who had the best costumes at the part we attended on Saturday night

Hope everyone has a happy Hallowe'en!



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