I Like Lists
November 10, 2006

A short, yet long winded, list for Friday:

1. Remember the cake I made for My Other Favorite Cousin's baby shower? She had the baby on Wednesday and I can't even express how excited and happy I am for her and her husband. They're going to be amazing parents.

2. I indulged in a little retail therapy at Target last night on my way home. One of the things I bought was Method Creamy Hand Wash with the scent almond flower. I'm a fan of Method's line of products, and usually opt to buy them over something similar. So I'm a little sad to tell you how much I dislike the scent on this particular product. I chose the almond flower scent thinking it would maybe smell like almonds? I don't have the words to tell you how much it does NOT smell like almonds. I think the boyfriend's review sums it up: "It smells like old lady perfume, and my hands smell so strong after I use it that it makes it hard to eat." He cheered this morning when I removed the offending soap from the bathroom and replaced it with the Method foaming hand wash we'd been using in the kitchen. I like the creamy aspect of this soap, so it's too bad we can't stand the smell. Perhaps the other scents of this product are better?

3. The other thing I found at Target was a new coat. I've been searching for something wool that wasn't too long, was in a neutral color (black or gray), had slash pockets on the sides (none of this patch pocket nonsense), wasn't too bulky but still able to keep me warm, and also wasn't too expensive. So maybe I'm a little picky. I wasn't expecting to find anything as I was wandering through the racks in the clothing department, so I tried to contain my excitement when I found the Merona charcoal gray pea-coat. It was exactly what I wanted, and it made my shopping trip totally worth it. Even though I brought home icky hand soap, at least I had a lovely new coat to wear.



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