Thanks, Ginger
November 09, 2006

Ginger Rogers came to my rescue yesterday. Okay, so maybe I didn't REALLY need rescuing, but I did need a good cocktail recipe.

I mentioned in my previous post that I'd be hosting my Book Club get together last night. The person who hosts provides drinks, and everyone else brings food. Pretty decent set-up. I already knew that I'd have the standard Diet Coke and sparkling water, but I also wanted to provide something a little bit

I started subscribing to the Daily Candy e-mails ages ago, and I'm at the point now where half the time, I don't even read them. If the little picture provided in the e-mail peaks my interest, I'll read the whole thing. Most of the time though, I just hit the delete key. When I checked my Daily Candy e-mail yesterday morning, there was a photo of a cocktail...they must have known I was looking for one. So I read about the Ginger Rogers, and it sounded delicious. I had to go to the store anyways for the aforementioned Diet Coke, so I could pick up everything else I needed for gingery cocktails.

Our little get together started out with some celebratory champagne (yay democracy!), and then I fixed a Ginger Rogers for one of the gals. The other girls saw it, and I gave a run down of the ingredients (mint, ginger syrup, fresh lime juice, gin, and ginger ale), and then everyone was in. They were a definite hit. Nobody drank a drop of Diet Coke.

So thanks Daily Candy, and thanks Ginger Rogers. And a big thanks to all the book club gals for helping me "warm" the house.



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