Mr. Clean
November 08, 2006

To say that I'm anal-retentive about the apartment being clean would be an over-statement. Anal-retetntive about things being tidy? That's WAY more accurate. My desk is full of pieces of paper and other things I should recycle or throw away, but they're all organized into tidy little piles. The boyfriend, however, is not as tidy as I am. He leaves a trail of small pieces of paper where ever he goes. Receipts, empty wrappers from tea bags, crumpled up post-it name it, and I bet I've found it in his wake. I find it a little bit frustrating because I simply don't understand why these things don't end up in the trash, but instead end up on every available surface in the apartment. I chalk it up to one of those quirks you discover while cohabitating with the one you love.

Tonight, I'm hosting the meeting for my book club group (which will serve double duty as a housewarming party, again), and it was a good excuse for me to clean up the apartment. I warned the boyfriend yesterday morning that I'd be doing some cleaning and picking up when I got home from work. I wouldn't throw anything away, but once I was done, he could find all his papery odds and ends in a tidy pile or a shoe box shoved under the bed. He mumbled a quick acknowlement, and we went about our day.

As my work day ended, I found myself a bit reluctant to head home. I knew picking everything up would be a bit of an arduous task. Not just wrangling his stuff into tidy-ness, but my stuff too. If you're now wondering why I even begin to put up with someone who seems to throw their own ticker tape parade on a daily basis, may you wonder no more. When I walked in the door of our little apartment, I almost didn't recognize it. There was no paper on the coffee table or couch, no paper on top of any bookshelves, there was NO PAPER ANYWHERE! (There's a reason I refer to him as the super excellent boyfriend.) This tiny little thing that he did made me so happy, and made me much more motivated to clean up the rest of the house.

As of now, I think the apartment is the cleanest its ever been. It almost looks like nobody lives there! The fact that I'm so excited about this scares me a tiny bit.



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