November 07, 2006

It's the "List of Things" entry!

1. Go Vote! Today! And if you think it's too much trouble, I have two words for you, "Absentee Ballot". Sign up for it. I was able to vote last week.

2. Something went all wonky in Movable Type and I'm not getting emails when people comment, so I'm not able to approve the comments as quickly as I normally do. I signed in last night and there were at least half a dozen comments that I had no idea about. I'm not sure what's wrong, but I'm making a feeble attempt to fix it.

3. I love the idea of NoBloShoMo, but I'm kind of lagging. Mostly because I keep wearing the same pair of shoes every day, or I forget to take a photo of my shoes. I suppose if I was going to lag on a November challenge, I'd rather it be that one than NaBloPoMo.

4. I taught myself to crochet! I made a scarf! In a day! More on this later, including a photo or two.

5. I made toast last night and it got a little burned around the edges, which prompted the boyfriend to remark "There's a reason it's called toast, sweetie, not 'burned'." I ate it anyways. It's amazing what a little sugar and cinnamon can do.

6. My use of exclamation points has run a bit rampant lately. I actually just went back to re-edit some of this post because there were just TOO MANY. It's not that I'm overly excited about everything. There's just some instances where a period seems too dull. So I opt for the exclamation point, but that seems a little too much. There needs to be a punctuation mark that signifies something in between a period and an exclamation point.



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