Pedal to the Metal
November 06, 2006

I probably haven't mentioned my weekly bike rides, have I? You might recall that the super excellent boyfriend bought me a bike for my birthday earlier this year. Shortly after that we moved to an apartment which just happened to be a few blocks away from the entrance to a pedestrian/bike trail. We were so excited about this fact that we went on a ride the Sunday after we moved. I have gone on a ride almost every weekend since then. It turns out I love riding my bike.

This is all sorts of awesome for many reasons. Mainly because I hate going to the gym. It's not the actual gym that I hate, but the whole process. I get to change my clothes in front of a bunch of women I don't know, and then I get to walk or cycle in one place for 40 minutes. WOW. So much fun! Regardless of how that sounds, I was always glad that I went, but every trip involved me having to psyche myself up for it. Driving by and thinking, "I'll just go tomorrow" is way easier than actually going.

But the biking, I have no problem with. I still have to change my clothes, but can do so in the privacy of my own home. I still end up getting all sweaty and red faced, but it doesn't seem as bad, because I'm outside! In nature! And I'm actually going somewhere! I've also noticed an improvement every week I've been on a ride. The first couple of times were a lot of work, and I huffed and puffed along in the lowest gears. Every week it got easier though, and soon I wasn't switching between so many gears. Eventually, I was able to keep up with the rest of my riding posse. It was hard to notice any sort of improvement while walking or riding in place at the gym.

I like riding my bike SO much that I find myself kind of bummed when my weekend schedule doesn't allow for a bike ride. I have no idea what I'm going to do when it starts raining.



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