Elmo, Larger Than Life
November 19, 2006

I very rarely decide that I'm just going to leave the house for the sole purpose of taking photos. We're usually going somewhere else, and I've decided to bring my camera. However, on the day I took this photo, I had a purpose. I left work early, and decided I was going to take photos of Elmo, before they took him down.

The Children's Discovery Museum has different displays and events going on throughout the year, and there's usually a giant inflatable character sitting atop the museum to advertise the main attraction at the moment. I had seen many characters come and go (my favorite being a Richard Scarry cat), and I wasn't going to miss my photo op for this one.

I don't have any particular attachment to Elmo (he wasn't around when I was part of the Sesame Street demographic), but before and after him, there was never anything as photo worthy (a giant piece of pizza and a scary clown, to name a few).

Also, it appears I'm starting to repeat myself. Dejavu, anyone?



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