Just Dandy
November 18, 2006

So maybe I'll post a photo and then actually talk about the photo! I know, it's pretty radical idea, BUT IT JUST MIGHT WORK.

About a year and a half ago, I broke my beloved Canon G2. It had been a great little digital camera, but it couldn't stand up to me falling flat on my belly on the beach. That camera hit the sand and was never the same. I debated my options. Get it fixed? Or just buy a new camera? While I weighed pros and cons, I dusted of my old Pentax K1000. This photo was taken with that camera. K! had requested some photos of dandelions, and happened to know where there was a field full of them. Using my old manual SLR reminded me how much I loved that camera, and then I had to change the roll of film.

There is something great about photos taken with actual film and having a finished product to hold in your hands. However, I think the instant gratification of a digital camera is a pretty good trade-off.



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