Last One About Socks
November 30, 2006

After almost an entire week of wearing knee socks (since we're still on the subject), I'm prepared to give you some field test results. I've ended up with many pairs, purchased from three different places. It turns out not all knee socks are created equal.

The first pair I bought was from Old Navy. I wore them for the first time yesterday. I don't think I'll be wearing them again. I was strolling around downtown Los Altos and within two blocks, these knee socks became ankle socks. I'm sorry, but this will just not do. I expect my knee socks to stay up near me knees. If they're going to keep falling down, it totally defeats the purpose of wearing them at all.

The knee socks from Target? They stay up. So far I've worn two pairs and they've performed beautifully. Walking around the airport? They stayed up. Walking around the book store? No problem. Available in cute patterns, easy on the checkbook, and true to their name, they come highly recommended.

And finally, let's talk about the knee socks I bought yesterday (which totally made me feel better about my bruised up knees). The brand is Ozone, and while they do have socks available in unique and beautiful patterns, I went with solid colors because they were a little less expensive (though I'm totally coveting some argyle). Right now, I'm wearing a pair in a lovely burnt orange color. Not only do they look great with my jeans and black mary janes, they've stayed up all day long. When a friend told me about these socks, she mentioned that they were just the right thickness. Not too bulky, but no too thin either. She was 100% right. So far, I think these are the perfect knee socks, and are worth every extra penny you might have to spend on them.

So there you have it. My in-depth review of knee socks. I promise, no more sock talk. Well, at least not until my order from Sock Dreams shows up.



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