At Least They Didn't Pull Us Over
January 15, 2007

On the way home last night, we noticed what appeared to be a police car pass us in the fast lane. Then we did a double take. This vehicle looked exactly like it belonged to one of the men in blue, with the exception of two words on the back, "Psycho Patrol". Naturally, we were puzzled. I quickly deduced that it wasn't an actual government vehicle because it lacked the "E" license plate. But still, pretty darn weird.

This morning, the boyfriend mentioned the oddity of the Psycho Patrol again. So I did what any 31 year old, slightly geeky girl would do, I googled it. The first thing that came up was this article from the Mercury News. Apparently the "Psycho Patrol" vehicle belongs to an Insane Clown Posse fan, is completely legal, and has been confusing civilians and cops alike.

I'm glad we didn't totally fall for it, but it certainly made last night's drive home a little bit more interesting.



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