January 22, 2007

Long time readers of this site are probably aware of the fact that I rarely redesign everything here. As you might imagine, there's a reason for that.

The ugly green chair is my own little frankenstein. It's full of all sorts of pieces here and pieces there, and some of them have the very first pre-CSS layout, but a good portion of them look the same. However, there are now so many random pieces and parts that trying to pull it together in one cohesive package is, to say the least, a bit of an undertaking.

Part of me would love to tear it all down, and start anew. But part of me kind of likes the random bits and pieces that are still hanging around. They're little artifacts that I'm not quite ready to bury yet. So I tend to make small tweaks to the site here and there. I might change the color of the links, or alter the little chair logo. Things that perhaps only I notice. Sometimes, however, I make bigger changes. Like last night.

I decided I wanted to do something to the site. It started with changing the header. Which then evolved into altering the background and the layout a tad. After a few hours of frustrated tinkering, I gave in to sleep. Bright and early at 7am, I was at it again. By 10:30 or so, I realized I hadn't had a drop of caffeine or anything to eat. This is one of the fundamental reasons that I rarely attempt to redesign. It consumes me. I lose track of time, I forget to eat, I grunt responses to any questions directed my way. I get sucked in to the interweb and spend countless hours trying to get everything to look JUST RIGHT. If that's what happens when I do a small redesign, imagine what might happen if I undertook retooling the whole thing. I'd waste away to nothing, sitting in front of my computer, trying to wrangle bits of CSS to my liking.

Someday, I may undertake the great redesign, but for now I will tweak. Sometimes a little. Sometimes a lot. And usually just enough to motivate me to keep posting photos and writing things for you to read.



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