February 10, 2007

This sole purpose of this post is to test some changes I made to the RSS templates to see if they'll work. I know, so much fun! And I need to type more to make sure that more than 40 words show up in the RSS reader.

Things I bought last Sunday that I ended up returning. I didn't want to, but it had to be done:
A Green Tea Kettle - I really liked it. I really did. But we already had a kettle that worked just fine. And this one was actually a little drippy when pouring water into a mug, so back to the store it went.
A Tumi T-tech bag - It was on sale and such a good deal, I couldn't resist. When I got it home I found that everything I carry around with me on a daily basis just did not fit. So I returned it. It made me sad to do so, but I think it was the right decision.

On this same shopping trip I found a pair of jeans that fit remarkably well. They will SO not be returned.



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