February 11, 2007

I have a fear. An unfounded fear. One that's most likely left over from living on my own and buying more groceries than one single girl needed. Most of the groceries would eventually go bad, hidden in the recesses of the fridge. Specifically, the milk. I NEVER managed to get through whatever quantity of milk I bought. I'd run out of cereal first, or I'd be tired of cereal and start eating toast for breakfast. And I'm not exactly what you'd call a milk drinker. So it always ended up sitting in the fridge, chunkifying.

I'm no longer a single girl buying too many groceries. I co-habitate with a very nice boy who eats mass quantities of cereal. We ALWAYS run out of milk. Why? Because I can't bring myself to buy anything larger than a half gallon. I still have this fear that it will go bad. So we go to the store at least twice a week for the sole purpose of buying another half gallon of milk. We've been doing this for months. And I still can't do it. I can't let myself buy a WHOLE gallon.

Maybe telling the entire internet is the first step in getting over my milk fear. Maybe eventually I'll be able to buy that GIANT gallon of non-fat milk. Until then, I've got an excuse to go to the store at least twice a week so I can buy milk and continue my addiction to expensive pomegranate tea.



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