The One Where I Can't SHUT UP About Socks
April 18, 2007


You may recall a little while ago, I went on and on about the "not socks" and how they're not all created equal. Some of you left comments with suggestions, and I did a little research on my own, and this is what I've come up with:

The Merona Brand toe sock from Target: Unfortunately did not work for my feet. They simply will not stay one. They work their way off and up scrunched in the toe of my shoe. Uncomfortable, and annoying. I was rather disappointed.

Every style of toe sock available on You guessed it, I ordered pretty much one of every pair that they had available. Most of them were too long and stuck out way beyond the edge of my shoe. The Nylon Slide Sock with Rubber Nubs seemed promising. But ended up doing the same thing the Merona toe sock did, it just took a little bit longer (thanks rubber nubs!)

I searched for the Sally Hansen foot spray that one reader suggested and couldn't find any. Though I think Regan managed to find some. Maybe we can get her to write a review? Maybe if we ask nicely? Please, Regan, will you pen a word or two about the foot spray?

So I was feeling a little disappointed that I hadn't found a good not sock solution. So I stocked up on what I had deemed was an okay solution - the not sock from the Gap. They work with most of my mary janes, but the sides still stick out of my Dansko Marcelle clogs. However, the taupe color matches my skin tone fairly well, so I'm willing to live with it. Especially if I'm wearing pants that cover 3/4 of my shoe.

Of course, once I bought out all the local Gap stores of their taupe not socks, I managed to find a better solution. While I was at Regan's Undead Easter party, I noticed a pair of socks hanging to dry in her bathroom. They were toe socks, but they had a clear strap to hold them on your feet. Brilliant! I learned that the particular brand I saw hanging to dry was Hue, but that Target had a version as well. Naturally, I went out and bought both.

The Hue version (called a "slingback liner") seemed very promising. The toe looked like it wouldn't stick out beyond the shoe plus the clear strappy bit would keep them from bunching up. I wore them the next day, and after a few hours concluded that my feet are deformed. The toe wouldn't stay on, even with the strap. It kept creeping off my little toe, and I kept having to adjust the socks. I attribute it to my wide feet. The minimal toe is just too minimal to cover the expanse of my toes. If I were to get rid of my pinky toe I think they'd work just fine, but I'm not quite ready to sacrifice toes to achieve the sockless with socks look.

There is a silver lining with Hue though. While purchasing the sling back liners, I grabbed a pair of their Hidden Cotton Liners. I think they may be the solution I've been looking for. I tried on the one pair with a variety of different shoes, and true to their name, they remained hidden! There's even a little grippy thing on the heel to help keep them on. I've ordered a few more pairs, and am eager to try them out (of course I'll report the results).

And finally, there's the Merona Slingback Sock. Which is basically the Merona toe sock with a clear plastic strap attached. The difference with these is that the sock part is a little bit longer than the Hue version. I wore them all day and all evening on Monday (while standing and watching the Shins play, even) and they stayed on my feet! No bunching up at the toe, no gradual sliding off the pinky toe. They FIT!

Finally, I am a happy camper in not sock land. Now, I just need the weather to warm up so I can go "sockless" (but not).



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