Miracles Happen at the Great American Music Hall
April 25, 2007

Start of the Trail

An amazing thing happened at the Grant Lee Phillips show last night (besides some wonderfully jangly guitar and troubadour-esque tunes). During the break between the opening act and the main event, I scurried off to use the restroom, and was confounded by a line of men standing near the facilities. Were these unisex bathrooms? Were we all waiting in the same line? I didn't get an answer to these questions because as soon as they popped into my head, they opened the upstairs area so we could use those bathrooms too. I headed up and noticed it was all men going upstairs. I then entered the women's restroom, and it was empty. THERE WAS NO LINE FOR THE WOMEN'S RESTROOM. There was, much to my surprise, a line for the men's room. I have never witnessed this before. EVER. And the trend pretty much continued throughout the evening. Even if there was a line for the women's room, it was always shorter than the men's line. MIRACULOUS.

After we both witnessed the shorter women's bathroom line phenomenon, Regan and I pondered why there were so many men at a Grant Lee Phillips show. We have not yet figured out an answer. We did agree on one thing though, Grant Lee Phillips with glasses is better than Grant Lee Phillips without (however, this seems to have no bearing on his musical performance).



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