My Dishwashing Gloves, Let Me Show You Them
September 20, 2007

My dishwashing gloves...

I've always thought those bright yellow dishwashing gloves were kind of ridiculous. In all my years of dishwashing, I've refused to wear them - based solely on aesthetics.

But I have the eczema. And the eczema on the hands HATES water. DESPISES water. So, in order to keep the eczema in check, I started wearing gloves while washing the dishes. I found a pair under the sink and started using them, and I hated them. They were too big and made me clumsy. I had a pretty good track record of non-glass-breakage before the gloves. After I started wearing the gloves? One chipped coffee mug, one broken pint glass, and one broken wine glass. Yet, I continued to wear the gloves. I was not going to let the eczema win!

Last weekend My Favorite Cousin and I were wandering through Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and I happened to see these. Water stop? Pretty cool. Flocked lining? Even better. Bright pink? SOLD.

It's hard to hate dishwashing gloves when they're bright pink. It helps that these fit my hands way better, so I don't feel so clumsy when I'm washing glassware. I have a feeling the boyfriend thinks they're pretty silly, but I don't really care. I like them. Also, I gave the UPS guy a pretty good laugh when I answered the door while wearing them.

Pink dishwashing gloves! Fun for everyone!



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