"It was a fine idea in Autumn..."
September 25, 2007


I want to say it was in the fall of 1999 when I stumbled upon the Lucksmiths. I had been listening to a lot of college radio and was discovering new bands left and right, but these guys really struck a chord with me. I had managed to find one mp3 on napster, but my obsessed little ears needed more. The local record shop had one album, and I snatched it up. Eventually I found the website for their record label and surrendered my credit card. I bought every album they had available. My Lucksmiths obsession was starting to rival my Smiths obsession of my youth.

When they eventually announced a show in San Francisco (they're from Australia, they didn't come 'round that often), I was giddy. I bought tickets straight away, and eagerly awaited the Friday night when I'd see them live! In person! Swoon!

The events leading up to the Friday night before the show were a bit stressful, and I don't remember exactly why. The part I do remember is that we got there late and missed the only band I had wanted to see (I assumed they would be headlining, they were not). I was devastated. There was no possible way I could enjoy the rest of the show, so despite driving for over an hour through Friday night traffic, I turned around and went all they way back home.

I don't think they've played in the area since then. If they have, I suppose I missed the boat. However, I didn't miss an e-mail from a few weeks ago that announced they were playing in San Francisco this month. I don't go to shows that much anymore, especially if they're on a "school night". However, in this instance, I felt I had to make an exception.

I FINALLY got to see the Lucksmiths play this past Sunday. They were adorable and lovely and worth the wait. Even if it was almost 7 years.

(If they're playing in your town, I highly recommend checking them out.)



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