Fiddling with Fideos
October 14, 2007

To the Point

I seem to be falling back into a Sunday night cooking routine (if you can call two Sundays in a row a "routine"). Last week it was the stuffed peppers, which I had sort of been craving so they were an easy choice. This week, I had to search a little for something that sounded good, but finally ended up on Fideos.

This recipe is actually fairly quick and easy, but I learned one important thing when making fideos, and I feel I should share:

If you can't find actual fideos pasta, thin spaghetti works just fine (this also means you can use whole wheat). You will have to break the pasta into 2" pieces, which is not hard. However, when piling all the pieces together, I HIGHLY recommend keeping them all parallel to one another. If you don't, you end up with a giant bird's nest/haystack formation which makes it nearly impossible to saute the pasta. In fact, while attempting to saute the nest o'noodles, a good portion of them may end up all over your stove.

However, all the effort of attempting to saute an oversized bird's nest of pasta was worth it, because the fideos? The fideos is tasty. We eat a lot of pasta at our house (it's cheap and it's quick), but this was pasta brought to the next level. These are not your standard boiled noodles. They absorb all of the liquid (wine, broth, saffron) you put in, so they're kind of savory plus there was a hint of a spicy kick from the chorizo.

I'm hoping that the leftovers from last night will taste even better today. I am so looking forward to lunch*!

* And since I'm a dork and forget to change the post status to "published" earlier today, I can now tell you that the leftovers were delicious indeed.



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