Where I Confess My True Feelings for Martha Stewart
October 18, 2007

Cloudy Thursday

Some of you may know that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Martha Stewart. I used to have a subscription to Living, and made a few attempts with some of the recipes. They don't usually turn out for me. There's key information missing, or I've had to go to 3 different stores to find the right ingredients, or they simply just don't work. While I love the design and layout of the magazine, I gave up long ago on the recipes and stopped my subscription. My feelings towards Miss Martha have been pretty lukewarm ever since.

A month or so ago, I heard about her new line of cookware. I eventually took a look online after a friend sent me a link. It's not that she's come up with anything new, but she's applied the Martha aesthetic to it. Melamine bowls in fun color palettes. Cast iron pots in that lovely turquoise color. Cake mixes and decorations in pretty packaging. After looking online I immediately started adding things to my kaboodle wish list.

This past Saturday I was able to see the whole Martha kitchen line in person and I regret to say, I fell in love. Not necessarily with Martha herself, but with every turquoise colored kitchen item I could find. In particular, a kitchen timer. It's brushed metal, with a turquoise knob, but it has this vintage feel to it. It's perfect. I came SO close to buying it, but eventually put it back because the boyfriend's voice wormed it's way into my brain saying, "But we already have a kitchen timer." So I wandered around the kitchen section at Macy's a little while longer, returning to the little timer a few times, and then left the store thinking I'd just add it to my wish list. It would figure that it's one of the only things in the Martha Stewart line that is NOT available online. Ah well, it's probably just a sign that I really didn't need a perfect little vintage kitchen timer.

So, my feelings towards Martha now? Maybe a little bit more warm than lukewarm, however I'm not going to renew my subscription to Living anytime soon. But you can bet I'm going to be giddy as a little girl if I receive anything from the Martha Stewart line of kitchen stuff. ESPECIALLY if it's a particular kitchen timer.



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