October 24, 2007

Pretty Princess

At some point last night, our DSL went kaput. On the rare occasion that this happens, I check all the lights on the modem, and wait for the DSL light to come back on. After an hour or so, it failed to return to a normal state, so I went to bed figuring it would fix itself by morning. Which, of course, it did not. So I start hunting around the apartment for some sort of manual or troubleshooting guide, and find nothing. Despite having no caffeine and being awake an hour earlier than normal*, my brain miraculously figures out that unplugging the power to the modem might be a good thing to do. I'm so proud of my brain right now.

First order of business is checking e-mail. I log in to my gmail account to a little surprise. I've spammed everyone in my address book. Apparently my brain wasn't quite as smart last week.

I received a friend request from someone to join Yaari, ANOTHER social networking site. I had received a request before from someone I didn't know and ignored it. Since this was someone I knew, I didn't want to not accept their request. So I start filling out the info (where they ask for your gmail e-mail and password so they can tell you who is already on Yaari that you know), and hit submit, and the next page never loads. So I close the browser, figuring I'll try again later. But apparently I had already given them everything they need. I think it took about a week, but I'm now getting a bunch of bounce back e-mails or auto responses saying that I want everyone to be my Yaari. Greeeeeat.

So if you got an e-mail from me saying that I'm your Yaari, I'm terribly sorry. Please ignore it. In fact, just DELETE it. That whole gmail thing should have been a red flag for me, but apparently my brain wasn't as smart last week as it was at 6am this morning.

* I'm going to Austin! For work! But only until Friday.



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