I Felt the Earth Move...
October 30, 2007

Candy as Far as the Eye Can See

Our apartment is not what you would call sturdy. The floors slant when you get near the walls, the ceiling squeaks from the weight of our smallish upstairs neighbor, and the these walls (as you may have already guessed), they're paper thin. Everyone hears every little sound.

(Look at me go with the Modest Mouse lyrics!)

When things started to get a little shaky earlier this evening, I didn't do anything. I just sat here in my cute but not entirely comfortable green desk chair, and tried to figure out if it was just MY apartment shaking, or if this was a bigger shake.

When I realized that yes, this was indeed an earthquake (which probably took longer than it should have), I figured I had two choices. Get up and go stand near the doorway, or crawl under my desk. Before I could decide on standing or crawling, the shaking stopped. Way to sit through a potential disaster. Go me!

The funny thing about this? Earlier tonight, I was looking through the cabinets for some sugar for the dessert I was making (more on this later), and I came across a cabinet above the stove full of canned food. Canned food that I had not bought. This was undoubtedly a purchase made by the boyfriend. While I've been known to buy the occasional can of green beans, canned tamales are not high on my list of must buy canned food items. And as far as I can remember they're not things he'd normally be eating either. Which can only mean one thing. Emergency food. In an effort for us to be somewhat prepared in the event of a disaster, he keeps us stocked in bottled water and canned food. While this is a smart thing for him to do, I tend to find it cute. Cute in a chicken little sort of way.

However, I think the fact that I found the canned food stash shortly before a 5.6 earthquake (centered not far from where we live) could be the universe trying to tell me that perhaps my boyfriend isn't quite as paranoid as I thought. Though I think I may suggest something besides green beans and tamales the next time he goes on an emergency food shopping spree.

P.S. Happy almost Hallowe'en!



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