I'm blessed by the ticket fairy!
November 12, 2007


You know how there are those people who always win something? If there's a drawing or a raffle, their number always gets called. I am not one of those people.

However, it appears I may be one of those people who occasionally gets free tickets to things. The first time, the boyfriend ended up with free tickets to Cirque du Soleil. I've been to numerous interesting shows (professional bull riding and IFL to name a couple) because I have an awesome friend with a ticket hook-up. Tonight, we ended up with free tickets to a hockey game. One of our vendors at work had two tickets, and nobody else wanted to go. So I called the boyfriend to see if he'd be up for it, and he responded with an enthusiastic, "Let's do it!"

So we went to the hockey game. Where we had sixth row seats. I have never been that close to the glass before. It was cool and kind of scary all at the same time. Cool because there's hockey dudes slamming into the glass! Scary because THERE'S HOCKEY DUDES SLAMMING INTO THE GLASS (also, flying pucks). The other drawback being that you can't really see the whole rink. If they all skate down to one end, it's kinda hard to tell what's going on. The Sharks scored at one point in the other end of the arena, and we kinda missed it happening. But yay, goal!

As much fun as it was to be so close, I think I prefer to be a bit further away from the action. Though if I somehow end up with seats this close again, I doubt that I'd turn them down. Because, DUDES! SLAMMING INTO THE GLASS!



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