Maybe Peet's can steal the recipe?
November 13, 2007


I usually try to avoid Starbucks if I can. I'd rather support Peet's (which is not on EVERY corner) or my local coffee shop. However, sometimes the need for caffeine clouds my judgment. So when my boss offered to bring me a coffee and a breakfast burrito from the coffee giant this morning, I found it hard to say no.

At first I turned down the offer for food, but then she mentioned feta cheese. All of a sudden, a breakfast burrito seemed like a pretty good idea. Turns out this was not your traditional burrito. In addition to the feta there was spinach and egg, and possibly some sun dried tomatoes. This was all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla and warmed up.

It doesn't sound like much, but it was one of the best breakfast burritos EVER.
(I really hate that I just typed that, but I can't lie about a burrito that good.)

I'm not going to stop going to my local coffee joints or Peet's, but it's going to be a lot harder to avoid Starbucks now.

Damn you, feta cheese.



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