Now with Jet Engine Sound Effects!
November 14, 2007

Pick a Pepper

My car has been at the mechanic since Monday night. This was not due to any tragic car malady, just an oil change and some new brakes. While my car was in their care, I mentioned the high pitched squealing noise the Beetle has been making when I start her up in the morning.

I've brought up this particular issue before, and they couldn't hear it. So I was hoping maybe this time would be different. But no. They started it up, drove it around, and nothing. I was starting to think that either my car was making a noise that only dogs and I could hear, or I was slowly going crazy.

So when I went to pick it up today, they mentioned again that they didn't hear the noise, but that if it happens again I should call and bring the car in right away. The thing is, the car didn't used to make this noise. This is something it's picked up in the past few months. I explained this, and the mechanic who was standing there said it sounded like it could possibly be the secondary air pump. "It almost sounds like a jet engine," I said. And apparently "jet engine" is something understood in mechanic speak but "high pitched squealing noise" is not, because the mechanic is now POSITIVE it's the secondary air pump.

We go out to the car, I start her up, and he definitely confirms that my secondary air pump is dying. But no worries. I should just bring it back when it dies. How will I know when that happens? It won't make the jet engine noise ANYMORE (but it'll still be okay to drive).

This new revelation regarding my squealing car brings relief on so many levels.
- I now know what the heck that noise is.
- I am not a dog, or at least don't have the hearing of one.
- I am not slowly going crazy.

(That last one could be up for debate, depending on who you ask.)



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