Totally Worth the Price
November 16, 2007

Fuscia(?) Droplets

Most of the time, I'm kind of annoyed that I pay so much for cable because we watch MAYBE 6 channels total. Which 6 channels, you ask?

1. Comedy Central
2. the Food Network
3. whatever channel NBC is on (mostly for SNL and the Office)
4. Bravo
5. The History Channel (we only switch to this if there's nothing on the first 4)
6. C-SPAN (this is ALL the boyfriend)

But then there are nights, like tonight, when I'm okay with paying as much as I do for digital cable. My cable package includes movies on demand, some of which are absolutely free. One of the movies currently available is This is Spinal Tap, which we are watching right now (Oh how they danced, the little children of Stonehenge).

Tonight, digital cable went up to eleven. Rock on!



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