Perhaps I Should Just Learn How to Cut My Own Hair
November 18, 2007


A couple of Fridays ago, my hairstylist FINALLY cut my hair exactly how I wanted. Which makes it sound like she's been doing a terrible job, which she hasn't. I love her, she's been cutting my hair for at least 5 years. But when I went to her a year or so ago with a photo of Natalie Portman's super short 'do, I think she was afraid to chop so much off. I feel like she's been easing me in to the super short hair all this time. Which is thoughtful of her and I appreciate it, but I was ready for this MONTHS ago.

During my last appointment, when she was done clipping and snipping and I realized that my hair was now how I had wanted it, I was THRILLED. As I was getting up from the chair she mentioned that I've had this style for a while. Followed by, "I'm going to make you grow it out this spring!" I smiled weakly, and confessed that growing it out would be kind of a pain, but in my head is was screaming, "NOOOOOOO!"

(Hopefully she'll forget about this "growing it out" business by the next time I need a cut.)



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