She's Crafty
November 19, 2007


Vaguely "crafty" things I have done lately:

I haven't been knitting that much lately, but last week I managed to knit a hat for my cousin's little girl. Not an amazing feat in itself, but I did sort of have to combine two patterns to get everything to look right. Also, it totally fit the recipient who had lately been receiving hats that were too small. Rock!

I ordered some Moo Postcards. Again, woohoo. However, I chose photos of local places and things with the intention of sending these cards to friends who have moved out of the area. I've already sent a card of the UC Berkeley Campanile to my friend BiG. And I'd be sending out more, but SOME people haven't told us their new address (I'm looking at you, V).

And finally, I punkified my Timbuk2 messenger bag. I love their messenger bags, with all the interior pockets, super strong velcro, and reflective bits. But they're everywhere now. I bought one of mine at the pharmacy down the street (granted, it wasn't your run-of-the-mill pharmacy). I wanted to do something different to mine. Something besides adding a bunch of one-inch buttons of all the bands I like (not that there's anything wrong with that). So I went online searching for studs. Metal studs. Which still sounds bad, but you know what I mean, right? Those little square pyramid studs that you normally find on belts. You can buy them by the hundreds and put them on ALL YOUR STUFF! So far, I've only put them on two of my messenger bags, but it may not be long before I start attaching them to EVERYTHING.



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