Road Rage
November 27, 2007

Hand Rolled Cigars

Is it just me? Or does it seem like lately people are just doing whatever the heck they want when they drive? Like making a u-turn in the middle of the road, without any regard to how it might affect those driving around them. Or cutting across 3 lanes of traffic so they don't miss their exit.

Or, for example, someone in the lane next to the left turn lane who realizes they ACTUALLY want to be in the left turn lane, and decides to remedy this by angling their car towards the left lane. So they're HOPING the person who is actually in the left lane will let them make a left turn in front of them when the light changes, but also blocking the lane that they're in. So when the traffic light turns green for the non-left turning cars, they're still blocking an ENTIRE LANE. No, no, don't go straight and make a u-turn up at the next light because you missed that left turn. Cause a potential CAR ACCIDENT as people are trying to get around you and your lane-blocking ass. SERIOUSLY.

Why no, I didn't have a crappy day*. WHY DO YOU ASK?

* I'm feeling much better after a little reverse retail therapy (I returned a bunch of stuff). A $40 cashmere sweater helped too. Thanks Old Navy!



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