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December 27, 2007

Fake Silver Tree!

The holiday break-down:

Miles drove: 368
Parental units visited: 3 (my mum, boyfriend's parents, my dad)
Bags of gifts toted: possibly 5 (I lost count)
Empty coffee cups still in the boyfriend's car: 3
Trips to the Sacramento zoo: 1
Birthdays celebrated: 1 (happy birthday step-brother!)
Bottles of Peach Vodka consumed: 1.5 (it was a group effort)
Bottles of champagne consumed: 4 (possibly more)
Calories consumed: BILLIONS
Dad's reaction to the nose ring (which I was a little worried about) = pretty positive (His exact words, "If you love it, I love it")

Things I wish I were kidding about:

- I seared, no, MELTED the roof of my mouth on a taquito (bean and cheese, if you must know) Friday night. My mouth finally started to feel normal again yesterday.
- I broke my favorite camera lens on Saturday when I dropped my camera bag.
- My debit card number was stolen (insufficient funds at the ATM on Saturday night = $600 fraudulent charge to = OH CRAP)

So yeah. That whole holiday thing. Nice to be able to spend time with friends and family, but thank jeebus it's OVER. Also, perfect ending to Christmas day = going to see Juno. I loved it. I now have 2 favorite movies (Amelie being the other one).



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