January 01, 2008

San Francisco at Night

Did you know I've been doing this for seven years? SEVEN. That's longer than it took me to get through college (though not by much), longer than any job I've ever had, and longer than any relationship (of the 'romantic' variety) I've been in.

I must like you people A LOT.

I wrote my first post ever on New Year's eve in 2000, and despite knowing that NOBODY was reading a damn thing here, I pretended that somebody was. And seven years later, there actually are people who read! Funny how that happens.

A gianormous thank you to anyone who has ever read anything here, left a comment, or sent me an e-mail after spending a little time here. I've made so many friends and met so many people because of this little site, I don't know what I'd do without it, or without you.

So here's to another seven years!

Oh, and Happy New Year, too.



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