Not Dead Yet
January 14, 2008


Despite how it may seem, that cold did not get the best of me. I'm still here! And I'm healthy again. Yay me! Actually, I attribute the full recovery to the Gilmore Girls.

I was planning on telling you all about the most excellent soup I made for dinner tonight, but I'm exhausted. I'm going to tell you about the soup next time, when I'll be able to post the recipe with it. So until then, a sickness inspired list...

Things that are on my many pairs of pajama pants (in no particular order):
- sock Monkeys (am wearing them now)
- snow boarding monkeys (normal monkeys, not the sock variety)
- cupcakes
- flowery plant things that are vaguely Lotta Jansdotter (but are from Old Navy)
- stripes (standard pajama fare)
- happy mushrooms (they're smiling)
- gnomes
- cherries
- women's undergarments (corsets, bras, etc.)
- strawberries
- birds

Most of them are from either Target or Old Navy, and almost all of them were on sale. And now, without further ado, my sock monkey PJs and I are going to sleep.



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