Or I Could Just Leave it Up All Year...
January 25, 2008


Remember the decorative bats that it took me a while to take down after Halloween? So, it may not surprise you when I mention that our Christmas tree is still up (don't worry, it's completely fake).

I had every intention of taking it down right after the new year, but then I got the head cold from hell. Every weekend after that, we've been busy. (For reals!) So it's still up, adding some extra illumination to our living room, which we actually kind of like. So it's not just laziness, we're enjoying the extra light! Okay, so maybe it's MOSTLY laziness.

I'm reluctantly telling you all this because I'm hoping it will motivate me to finally take the darn thing down and put it away. It worked with the bats. I took them down they day after I confessed that they were still hanging around. Cross your finger for me?

Of course, I could just continue referring to it as our "winter tree", which means I've got until mid-March to finally take it down, right?



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