Just Call Me "Ice-Cube"
January 22, 2008


People, it is COLD here. Normally, I like cold. But this cold? TOO COLD.

Last night we went out to dinner, which didn't require much walking or exposure to the elements. However, the two block walk to the book store afterwards was insane. I was wearing layer upon layer of clothing (a camisole, long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, wool cardigan, scarf, wool coat, and my new favorite wintery hat), and still felt compelled to mention at every street corner as we waited for the light to change, "It's FREAKING cold!" I was half expecting to wake up this morning and find snow in our swimming pool. THAT'S HOW COLD IT IS.

Okay, so I wasn't REALLY expecting to find snow, but I WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SURPRISED.

It's probably a good thing I live where I do, because I don't think I'd survive a REAL winter. Though I'd probably just use it as an excuse to buy even more sweaters and at least a couple pairs of snow appropriate shoes.



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