February 06, 2008


We probably could have watched almost any channel last night to check primary election results, but we ended up standing in from of my monitor watching the Google Maps/Twitter mash-up. It was infinitely more fascinating (and probably much less annoying) than any news channel would have been.

In un-related news, I finally took the "Winter Tree" down on Sunday. That corner of the apartment is looking pretty empty now. I asked the boyfriend if I should stack up some of our mass quantities of toilet paper (Target only had the gianormous size - it won't fit in the cabinet under the bathroom sink) in a decorative pyramid, and he wasn't too keen on it. However, when I suggested we drape lights over the pyramid he responded with, "Maybe."

I decided a small lamp was the best replacement for the tree. It's not quite the same, but it'll do. And it's much less hazardous than a pyramid of toilet paper with twinkle lights draped over it.



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