The Task at Hand
February 29, 2008

The Beginning...

Last weekend, I was presented with a question. A question I didn't have an answer to. A question I STILL don't have an answer to (nearly one week later). I think I may need help.

The question? Oh, right! Of course. That would help, wouldn't it. Last weekend, I was asked what name I had chosen for the new iMac. And I was embarrassed, because I haven't come up with one yet. I'm a horrible parent!

It was somewhat easy with other things. I had a little help naming my car (see super old post here). For some reason the iPod was easy to name (Clive - I just liked the name, and was reserving it for a future pet, but it worked for the iPod).

It's been so much harder coming up with the appropriate name for the iMac. I was thinking "Juno", but every pregnant hipster is probably going to be naming their kid that for the next couple of years (heck, if I were pregnant, it would be at the top of the baby-name list), so I've put it low on the iMac name list for now. Then this morning, while I was burning a CD for the boyfriend he mentioned "the burninantor", and that's when "Trogdor" seemed like a good name. But it still doesn't seem quite right. The boyfriend's iBook is named "Emily", after Emily Dickinson (because she wore white, and his iBook is white), so maybe I should continue with a literary theme for all of our apple computers?

I've been racking my brain and I just can't come up with something that seems right. Which is why I'm asking for help. I'm not necessarily asking y'all to pick out the name, but maybe you can offer some suggestions, or themes that might lead me to the right name? Otherwise, it may be months before my poor iMac gets a name!



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