Pain in the Arse
March 12, 2008

It's that time of year again...

Today, I bring to you another edition of self-inflicted injuries*!

Our first injury was obtained while walking for hours and hours on Friday. Walking to the train station, walking to Moscone center, walking around a trade show, walking to lunch (I heart you, 'wichcraft), walking back to Moscone center, and finally walking back to the train station. The end result was a tiny, yet extremely painful blister on the end of my left pinky toe. I haven't been able to wear anything but flip flops or a particular pair of sandals until today.

The second injury was mostly a result of my own stupidity (as most of these injuries are). When leaving work yesterday, I called the boyfriend as I walked to my car. It was a bit windy and chilly, so I was in a hurry to get inside my car (which has been sitting in the sun and would be nice and warm). I was in such a hurry that I didn't bother to remove my messenger bag. This results in me having to sort of wedge myself in to the seat and consequently lose my balance so I end up falling backwards on to the edge of the car seat.

Let's pause for a moment so I can attempt to explain the anatomy of the Beetle's seats. The front seats are bucket seats, and they have these edges that sort of flare out, so they're not completely flat. I had assumed that this feature was produced by a lump foam. I can now officially tell you that there was no foam. There is a frame that make this flared feature possible. A frame made out of the HARDEST SUBSTANCE ON EARTH.

So when I say I fell backwards on to the part of the seat, it was actually my back end that took the brunt of it. The section right above my tail bone, where there isn't a lot of padding or protection, and OH MY GOD, did it hurt. The poor boyfriend got an earful of profanities. After making sure I was okay, he then advised that perhaps I shouldn't drive while sitting down (always a comedian, that one).

The pain eventually subsided and I managed to get through the rest of the evening unscathed. However, this morning my backside is a bit sore, but I'm able to wear cute non-sandal shoes, so I suppose one sort of cancels the other out.

* For more self-inflicted injury stories go here, here, and yes here too.



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