Perhaps It's Time I Start Listening to the Universe
April 16, 2008


Many years ago, I decided to give up wearing women's pants. I could never find any that fit, and I've always hated women's sizing. The sizing on men's pants makes so much more sense, don't you think? Find your waist size, find an inseam length, and find pants that mostly fit! Brilliant! So I started buying men's pants. And for many years, I was happy with my pants purchases.

Until a couple of years ago, when I realized that maybe the men's pants weren't all that flattering. I found myself yearning to try a boot cut or a flare trouser. I wanted to find something a bit more feminine and stylish. This happily coincided with Old Navy having a huge selection of pants at the time. I was buying trousers and jeans left and right. Not all of them were great purchases (sequins, anyone?), but I was able to replace almost all of my "man pants".

Since then, it hasn't been that hard to find pants. However, in the past few months, Old Navy has been taking the crazy pills, and I can't find a decent pair of pants to save my life. Some of them have belt loops located 2 inches below the actual waist. Or they only have two belt loops (which are in the front and completely lacking in the more critical back area). I'm also finding that even their ankle length pants have all of a sudden become too long. Why is it so hard to make a simple pair of cotton pants that fit?

The final straw was the order I received last night. I had ordered two different sizes of what I thought were normal pants. They appeared to have belt loops in all the right spots, they were cotton, and they came in my beloved grey (which is my favorite color for pants lately). What I received yesterday were pants that had a zipper and a button ON THE SIDE. They were too long. The smaller size was too small, and the larger size was WAY too large! OLD NAVY, WHAT IS UP WITH THE CRAZY PANTS?!?

It looks like I finally might have to start looking somewhere else for my trouser needs (and the prospects aren't promising). Perhaps this is the universe's way of hinting that I should just wear a damn skirt already?



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