Lacking Enthusiasm
May 13, 2008

Party at Ground Zero

I know I've mentioned that I'm going to be in Boston for a few days, but I think I've failed to mention that I'll be in Boston for my birthday. In much the way I feel about the trip itself, I'm simultaneously bummed and excited about this fact. I've never been out of town on my birthday, so it should be fun (does anyone know if Dunkin' Donuts gives you free stuff on your birthday?). But I've also never been so far away from family on my birthday, so that makes me a little sad. Though, I am looking forward to at least two weeks of belated birthday celebrating (this also gives the boyfriend more time to shop for gifts).

This trip is just happening at a weird time in general. The conference starts on Sunday, which means I fly out on Saturday, and miss a few things that are happening this weekend (Tribal Fest, Bay to Breakers, a co-workers husband's open studio, a friend's birthday, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something else).

All of the above is keeping me from being as excited as I should be about this trip. I'm going to Boston! I'm not paying for it! I'm attending a design conference I've always wanted to go to but never had the chance! All I can muster up is a "woot".

I did buy two new books tonight though, so that's making me look forward to the flight just a wee bit more.



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