The Shoe Issue
May 16, 2008

Same Bee, Different Angle

I just started packing for Boston about an hour ago, and I've reached the very crucial "which shoes to bring" portion. I'm trying to limit myself to only 2 pairs, maybe 3 max. One of these being a pair I wear on the plane, which should be of the slip-on variety to make getting through airport security easier. But I feel these shoes should also be wearable during other parts of the trip. And yes, there will be walking. Do I go with the trusty Marcelle clog? Or perhaps the stylish Dansko Jade mary jane? Or maybe the cute grey Clarks mary janes I never wear? Maybe they're too casual? UGH.

This is starting to sound like a word problem with no obvious answer. I think I need some scratch paper...

So yeah. Leaving for Boston tomorrow. Slight panic about the shoes. Will not be able to update until I get back. I plan on taking lots of photos. Of shoes. Or perhaps my bare feet, if I can't decide which ones...



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