Fire in Cairo
May 22, 2008

Birfday Cake

I got home last night and am still adjusting from east coast time which means I'm wicked tired and my brain is kind of a jumbled mess:

- Boston was great! The conference was great! I made poor shoe choices to bring with me, and how lucky was I that there's a Fluevog store near the convention center?

- I turned 33 on Tuesday, and celebrated with my co-worker and an old co-worker of his who we ran into at the conference. He also happened to be someone I went to high school AND college with. My world is SHRINKING at an alarming rate and it's kind of cool.

- My brother's birthday was yesterday, and he had to take a final. Yet another reason I'm glad getting a masters degree never occurred to me. We're gonna celebrate both of our birthdays together on Sunday.

- Also, in a strange turn of events, I'm not being "kicked off the island". I'm feeling relieved and a tad confused at the same time.

- The main reason my head is in a bit of a jumble is the fire in the Santa Cruz mountains. It's frighteningly close to my Dad's house. I called this morning and they were fine, and the wind seems to be blowing things away from their house. However, that's not stopping me from checking fire maps more often than I check my e-mail (and I check my e-mail CONSTANTLY).

And here I thought I'd get back from my trip and finally get a good night's sleep. Until this fire is either under control or out, I don't think my sleep schedule will be returning to normal.



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