I Even Bought New Luggage
July 14, 2008

Let Me Show You My Card, Vol. 2

Oh, hi! I'm just over here in my little corner of the world silently freaking out about BlogHer. How're you?

I don't know what clothes to pack, and don't even get me started on the shoes. I've been to BlogHer twice before, and it was only for one day, there was no need to pack. This brings a whole new level of freak out. Though it's keeping me from thinking about trying to not hide in a corner the whole time I'm there (I'm excited to meet you, really! I just have no idea what to say to you beyond "Hi!").

Previous to the packing freak out, there was a minor hotel freak out. Regan and I were only going to spend one night in a hotel and then couch surf the rest of the time. But then we started thinking about how we'd need a car, and where would we park it, and how much would THAT cost, and screw it, lets just stay in a hotel the whole time. I tried to extend my original awesome hotel rate through Priceline and, of course, there were no rooms left. I managed to find another room for the remainder of our stay at a slightly higher but still decent rate, and now we're both focusing on the freaking out about the clothes and shoes thing.

Should I bring a dress? I have a cute dress that I could bring, but OH MY GOD, I DON'T KNOW.



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