My BlogHer Recap
July 20, 2008


    Things I may or may not have done this weekend at BlogHer:

  • Become overly excited about laundry detergent samples in one of the swag bags.
  • Hid out in a non-conference hotel bar to escape for a little while.
  • Dropped food on myself while attempting to eat an appetizer (Klassy.)
  • Ate an unhealthy amount of mushroom tarts.
  • Stood around a little longer than I needed to after introducing myself to someone. (Awkward!)
  • Made a fool of myself saying something along the lines of, "I love your blog! It's been really great to watch your kids grow up!" (I was mentally slapping my forehead after I said this because, um, kind of creepy, no?)
  • Met some really nice, fabulous ladies. (I've been adding tons of blogs to my reader since I've been home.)
  • Crashed a party! (Sort of. Sadly, it's not nearly as bad ass as it sounds.)
  • Was out-partied by soccer moms. (But they're totally awesome soccer moms, so I'm okay with it - they can out-party me any time.)
  • Took only a handful of photos. The cookies above are one of them.
  • Escaped to 'wichcraft instead of eating conference food. (I am 'wichcraft's bitch. Best sammiches evar.)
  • Failed to bring enough business cards. (Why I didn't bring the whole box is beyond me.)
  • Claimed that I had a FAQ about hamsters on my blog.
  • Acquired a boba tea addiction.

  • So yeah, good times!



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