I Think I'm Going to End Up with Lots of Frequent Flyer Miles
July 22, 2008


This past weekend, there were a couple of moments where I found myself getting a little weepy. I'm sure it didn't help that I was surrounded by estrogen for three days. This is the thing...it was the first time that I'd spent more than a day or two in San Francisco and I didn't see my Mum and step-dad. Even if I was just going up for the day, I'd usually call, to at least let them know I was going to be around, and maybe to see if I could take advantage of their parking space.

It felt weird to be up there and not have a place to hang out between the times there wasn't a session or a cocktail party (though the bar at the Marriott made an okay substitute). I had no home base and it made me feel a little lost. Every time I started to think about it, the tears would start to surface. Which is why it's probably a really good thing that I'm getting on a plane tomorrow night to go visit my Mum and step-dad in Washington. It doesn't matter that I JUST unpacked from BlogHer, washed two more loads of laundry (in less than a week!), and have spent most of the evening re-packing (and trying to figure out which shoes to bring), because I want my Mum!

Also, I'm bringing her the hotel bill from last weekend.



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