July 31, 2008

Sunset Glow

I'm sure it's happened to you. You're on an adventure (vacation, trip, whatever) and there's some sort of encounter or incident that you can't stop referencing or talking about the whole time. And you know that when you say it the rest of your traveling companions will burst into laughter. Here's what happened on my trip to Bellingham:

On the way to Seattle (I had a layover), I'm seated next to a very nice man who asks me if I'm going home. I sort of am, I tell him, because my Mom just moved and I was going to visit her. Eventually he asks me, "So are you going to live with your mom?" I'm not even sure what I replied, but the first thing I thought was this guy either thinks I'm not very old or that my Mum is very old. Since he has absolutely no idea what my Mum looks like or her age, he's probably under the impression that I'm in college and unfamiliar with those vinyl discs called "records". I related this story to my Mum and step-dad who found it rather amusing, and it turned out to be the perfect response to my step-dad's frequent "Oh, you're to young to remember [insert old item or event here]." When he made some remark about me not remembering what an 8-track was (which I very much remember, thank you very much), I shot back with, "So are you going to live with your mom?" And there was much laughter.

A day or two later, we were on the hunt for marscapone cheese. Mum had found a dessert recipe that involved figs and marscapone and we were determined to make it. The first grocery store only had a rather large tub, so we decided to try the cheese shop down the road. They, unfortunately, did not have any and the cheese gal suggested the store that we had just come from. I mentioned that they only had a large tub, and she replied with, "Have you tried marscapone?" We ended up stopping at one more store and finally found a reasonable size tub of marscapone (though, sadly, it was not very good). However, the rest of the weekend became sort of marscapone themed, with random querries to each other wondering if we had tried marscapone? And if we happened to be eating at a restaurant where the menu featured something with marscapone, we would wonder where they found their marscapone. (This happened more times than you would think.)

So yeah, that was my trip to Bellingham. Okay, so there was a bit more. I went to Canada (my first time leaving the U.S.! But no stamp in my passport) and was able to spend time with ex-bay area friends who I dearly miss. We sat on the deck, ate cheese, drank wine (SO much wine - hard liquor is expensive in Washington!), and watched the sun set. I'm slowly adding photos to a set here on flickr. It was a fabulous little vacation and I already want to go back.



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