I Swear I'm Not Getting Paid for This
August 05, 2008

Bright Bokeh

I've probably neglected to mention the motion sickness, haven't I? Okay, so it's not really that bad, but in the past couple of years windy roads and plane landings make my stomach turn. They didn't used to. I used to be just FINE. But now, I'm clutching an arm rest or door handle, and taking deep breaths because, OH MY GOD, I do not want to hurl.

So last Saturday was my company's summer picnic. At Great America (unless you're local, that probably means nothing to you). Let's just say there are roller coasters. Lots of 'em. And with my recent acquisition of the motion sickness, I was not thrilled. However, I did not want to disappoint the boyfriend, who was eager to ride a coaster or two. Which we did, and after each one it took me a good 15 to 20 minutes before I could walk in a straight line at a normal pace. It wasn't as bad as the plane landing nausea I usually get, but it wasn't exactly fun either. "Let's try one of the water rides, I think that might be more your speed," the boyfriend says. I agreed.

So we wait in line for "Rip Roaring Rapids", and I watch the people getting off the ride and notice that they're not that wet, this shouldn't be too bad. The only other thing I'm worrying about is my bag. I'm carrying around a small Timbuk2 bag with my wallet, cell phone, glasses, a small camera, and some other random things (possibly Rolaids because I AM OLD). I don't really want to leave it in the little cubby holes they provide when you get on the actual ride, but the potential for things getting damp is high if I take the bag with me. At the last minute, it ends up on the ride with me.

So off we go, in the giant inter-tube things, through the water, occasionally getting splashed. Whee! Fun! This isn't so bad! Until we get to this one section where people who are watching have the option of paying a quarter and choosing when to spray you with a giant blast of water. When this happened to the group of girls in front of us, I giggled a little, and then I was instantly hit with a giant geyser of cold water. TWICE. (Thanks karma.) I was drenched. And for some reason, I chose to wear a skirt. Which I ended up WRINGING OUT, because did I mentioned being completely soaked?

I was afraid to look in my bag. If I was soaked to the bone, surely everything in my bag was not in good shape. I lifted the front flap to peek inside, and...everything was COMPLETELY DRY. Timbuk2 bags have a nylon lining, and this somehow managed to keep even a drop of water form seeping through, despite being hit with water TWICE. It's not as though I didn't like their bags before, but now? Now, I'm thoroughly impressed.

Lessons learned from our Great America adventure?
- Never wear a skirt to an amusement park, even if you wear bloomers underneath.
- Roller coasters + my motion sickness = not that bad, but not that fun either.
- That sunscreen you put on before you got to the park? Re-apply it right after the water ride. Even if it claims to be waterproof. TRUST ME.
- And finally, Timbuk2 messenger bags rock!



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