September 03, 2008

Rays of Lights

About every month and a half or so, I find myself in Sephora buying very expensive hair conditioner. It works miracles on my hair, so I figure it's worth the price.

This is my usual Sephora shopping experience: As I enter the store, at least 3 people ask if I need help. While I'm standing in the aisle looking for my conditioner (because it seems like they're always rearranging the damn store) at least 2 people will ask if I need a basket. Oh yes, please. I need a basket for my one bottle of conditioner that probably weighs less than the basket itself. THANKS.

So imagine my surprise when I was in Sephora last week and not ONE SINGLE PERSON said a word to me. No inquiries asking if I needed assistance, no basket offers. I even stood there and attempted to look more pathetic and out of place than usual. Still, NOTHING. And this was the one time I ACTUALLY NEEDED HELP. All I could find was a half empty tester bottle of my beloved conditioner, and I wanted ANSWERS.

Instead of actually seeking out help, I perused some of the other hair care products, figuring there must be something comparable to what I had been using. I came home with this. Not only is it in a larger bottle and a little bit cheaper, it's vegan and it makes my hair smell like a pina colada. Oh, and it performs the same miracles that my old conditioner was capable of. My friends, I think we have a winner! Also, I'm eternally thankful for the neglectful sales girls at Sephora. Maybe if they ignore me in the future, I'll actually buy more stuff.



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